15 agosto 2007

Breaking up with you, your daughter is prettier and easier

"Dear Loved One:

By now you probably already know that I am having an affair with the youngest of your daughters. It’s not like I planned this to happen, but I couldn’t help it, she is younger, sexier, prettier and easier. Yes, she is easier than you, and this is a moment in my life when I just want that. I got tired of you playing hard to get. You are just too complicated, with your inner conflicts and your multiple personality disorder trying to be everything to everyone. You just can’t please everybody you know?

Debian: I will always have a place in my heart for you, but I’m with Ubuntu now and we are very happy together. Please stop attacking her. It’s your fault, not hers.


Gustavo Picon"

Gracias Bruno, Diego y a Gustavo Picon!

2 comentarios:

  1. Muy gracioso el post. Como debianero, sin embargo, creo que Ubuntu es una distribución tan válida como cualquier otra.

    Y la analogía entre distros y mujeres es perfecta. Cada quien tiene sus gustos, preferencias y fetiches.

  2. See, muy buena.

    En estos momentos me siento identificado con la carta.

    Pero sé que las cosas cambiaran de nuevo, porque las fáciles me aburren. :S

    Nos vemos Javi!!